December 12th, 2006

My Widdle Bwain

My Dictionaries Need Weight Training

Before I make with the whinging, I just gotta go duuuuUUUUUde! I just found a round trip SFO->Kansai fare for our dates for $675. *dai shokku* Direct. There is another one for $494 (minus fees -- expect another $200 tacked on for that) that requires an overnight in Vancouver. *jaw falls on ground* Did I mention that was all to Kansai?? Must keep track of this site: Best Travel Store. Keep in mind that the first price they list is without taxes or fees, so always expect up to $200 to be added in taxes. Still, those are pretty darn spifty prices.

Which is a good thing, since I will take the money I save on airfare and spend it in the Tsuburaya store. *sweatdrop* This is what I get for trying to figure out what the official spelling for "Dino Zaur" is... (Wai! M-78 Christmas tree!) *sniffles* They don't love me enough. I found a page with plushies, but no Miklas. ;_; Fie on you people, I go translation more now! *pthat*

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