November 11th, 2006

My Widdle Bwain


For my reference, the moon is approximately 250,000 miles away from the earth, and radio waves travel at 186,282 miles per second. A signal sent to the moon does not return until 2.7 seconds have elapsed.

So a one-way trip Earth-moon would take about 1.35 seconds.

Whatever did we do before Google?
My Widdle Bwain

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I think unkind thoughts in the direction of my neighbor who decided that mowing their lawn at 8 AM on a Saturday is an appropriate thing. Rar!

... But thanks to waking up unpleasantly after far too little sleep (got on a translation roll and was up until 2 AM -- but, except for 10 problem children 24 is done) I did have one scene I was poking at finally come together with a resounding Duh! So at least there is some good of my being awake?

Zettai Toku is still down. :( Spoiled Fangirl is not amused. (Spoiled fangirl is actually staring forlornly at the screen thinking "why am I even awake?" But then the gentle sound of a power mower wafts my way, and I remember. With much crankiness.)
My Widdle Bwain

And Somehow I Missed Blogs

For various reasons I've been pondering how the world is likely to change in the next fifteen years. And since I'm now old enough to actually remember fifteen years ago, I used that as a guide. It's interesting seeing how some things have changed a lot, and some things have remained the same. Fifteen years ago -- back in 1991 -- cell phones were just barely coming in and were huge and expensive. The internet was around, but it was all text based, nothing really graphical (unless one counts ASCII art?) DVDs weren't out yet, and we were still converting over to records.

And yet, TVs are basically about the same. Cars -- while having had some interesting new technologies introduced, such as hybrids -- haven't changed that much. And while certain pieces of our day to day life are radically different, they are different enough in a similar way that it's sometimes hard to spot the difference. (Unless something breaks down. Then that difference is glaringly, and painfully, obvious. Such as my torrent site being down, *ouch* *grump*)

But in all my thinking I forgot about blogs. They are so ubiquitous that one kind of forgets that it wasn't always possible to read the innermost thoughts of friends, family, and random people -- both famous and not.

Which brings me, rambling, to the real point of this post: Igarashi Shunji (actor for Mirai) has a blog.

Meh. There is Ultraman Moebius event coming up. Of course, it's the day before I take off for Japan, and is in Tokyo, while I am spending the whole trip in Kyoto. *is not thinking about it*