October 16th, 2006

My Widdle Bwain

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Mebuis 1 subbed is down. Arigato, hoshikage!

I'm somewhat perplexed on how long Bittorrent claims that it took to download. It's currently 6:40 AM. Bittorrent says that it took 18 hours to download. I know I started the download sometime after dark last night, which means that I couldn't have started it any earlier than 7 PM last night. The math no makes sense. (Kind of like me...)

I am intrigued to note that my brain seems to store dialog from Japanese source in translation. This makes it mighty inconvenient when pondering details of a line, since vagaries are introduced in translation. And, seriously, why in translation? That takes more effort, silly brain. Just leave it in Japanese! It's not like I'm taking a memory hit for storing it in double byte or something.

The specific reason I noticed this is Collapse )

Note to self: More sleep last night was good, but maybe shooting for more than six hours would help the dropping state problem? Not so good, particularly considering that I am currently slightly behind at work and have a major project to present today. Which will go better if I get out of bed and get to work.
My Widdle Bwain

Half A World Away

Of the two theaters playing the Mebius movie in Kyoto, one of them is... well, not in Kyoto. I couldn't even tell where it was from the map. Which, knowing me, says something.

The other one is in Kyoto, a couple of blocks off of Teramachi (where I have to go anyway to buy calendars, and hopefully trading cards and movie-related books), and has more information on what's playing anyway. Mebius is booked in through the end of the month at least. (Tokyo Drift is playing there as well, but will be leaving next week.) I just need it to continue playing for another 22 days beyond that, and I will be One Happy Fangirl.

As odd as this sounds, I've never seen a movie in the theater in Japan. There has been nothing that I haven't been willing to wait until it came out on DVD. So... *knock on wood* it will be an Adventure! *looks at the playing times* Grr. Why do you people not have night time showings?!?

Just so I don't have to look it up, link to the theater can be found here