October 14th, 2006

My Widdle Bwain

Secrets of the Ultrazone

German headphones contain giant monster graveyard? And for Who is behind it, check the lower left-hand corner of that page.

Yes, that might have made sense to maybe two people reading this. So if you are going "werb?" you are likely to be in the majority.

Edit: While I am pleased that I correctly heard that Hiroto's mother was killed by Namegon, I am a bit miffed that it took me several attempts of poking at my dictionary to turn it into a word, and only realized that it was a monster after I tossed the name into Google and poked through the Japanese Wiki entry on Mebius. Perhaps it really is too late to be doing any translating... particularly when listening to a rally in English in the other ear. (Multi-tasking! I'm telling you!)
My Widdle Bwain

When You Hit Snooze

It's all well and good to say that you can hear a fanfic calling your name. But you know when you really do hear your name floating through your head that it's time to roll over and get that extra hour of sleep.

Which, as you can tell, I did not. Some days I have no common sense.

Note to self: Sleep dep makes me uncoordinated. Keep this in mind while at the gym and don't drop a bunch of weights on my hand or something stupid

Note 2: Brain cell, pointing out that if I get up and move to the other room I can get my daily dose of Genki!Mira while still listening to the radio is not helping. I know I could then listen to Mebius, WRR, and read fanfics. But considering that at the moment walking takes a fair amount of concentration, don't you think processing three different inputs simultaneously is maybe a little bit too much to ask for?

Oh, fine. Make with the puppy dog eyes. *gets up to relocate to a different room* Really, some days I have absolutely no common sense.