September 18th, 2006

My Widdle Bwain

Two Steps Forward

Tickets! I have plane tickets! Round trip direct flight, SFO -> Osaka, $786. This. Price. ROCKS!!! For travel to Japan I highly recommend Shogun Travel in San Mateo. Their price was $225 less than what United's site was quoting for the exact same flight.

- Mail has been sent to Hotel Iida. I expect that with only one room and this far out, reservations shouldn't be a problem. This being the start of their work day, with any luck I should have a confirmation e-mail back within the next few hours.

So I have nothing further to do on this trip (other than plot what to do/see) until mid November. *whew* Oh, and do lots and lots of walking. Jan and I are going to knock off all the Things Of Excessive Coolness That Have Been Driving Us Up The Wall Because We Have Not Seen Them Yet, But They Require A Ton Of Walking.

- Room painting is finished. (Well, except for the trim and closet doors. But those can be done later.)

- Plumber is scheduled to come and take a look at the sink problem in an hour and a half. With some luck I might be able to use my kitchen again in the Really Near Future.

Order is slowly being restored.