June 20th, 2006

My Widdle Bwain

Adventures In Gardening

I feel compelled to give you all this warning: The plums are coming. If you are in range of my house (and I consider the entire state of California to be "in range", as many of you can attest to from last year), then expect for me to attempt to foist plums upon you in the near future.

This year I am trying an upgrade in technology over last year's tin can on a stick. I now have pole with a basket-like thing with padding in the bottom and a rake-like claw thing at the top. So far I have managed to get three plums off the tree before I got clonked in the head by a falling plum. I am not sure this is the technological advance I was looking for. What I really need is to rent a group of Jedi in training who need to practice their telekinesis. Anyone know where I should call to get some?

In fruit related news, ph34r September when the apples come ripe. The first year I was here I got one cute little apple. Last year the tree produced maybe a dozen. This year? Hundreds. I kid you not. I stood in one spot and counted more than a hundred without moving, or raising my gaze above eye-level. Apples produced will be Fuji, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith. I am not sure how many I have of which, since I don't remember which branches are which grafts. I can assure you that they will be fresh, home-grown, and delicious, so those of you who assist me in finding the apples good homes should not be disappointed.

I am currently the proud owner of a container half-full of ladybugs. Why half-full, you may ask. Because those were the sluggish ones. I spent about an hour thrashing around in my garden in the dark trying to distribute ladybugs before deciding that the rest of them can wait until tomorrow night. I feel badly about leaving them all cooped up for another day, but they were just being incredibly difficult to get onto the plants, rather than on the ground or all over me. I'm still moving gingerly, for fear of discovering yet another critter crawling on me. For some strange reason they found me a good deal more interesting than my aphid-laden roses. I'm not sure whether to be flatter or concerned.

In less plant-like news, I have discovered a software program called DVD Region + CSS Free which allows DVDs of any region to play on any computer DVD drive. It is also supposed to allow for The drive does not have to be hacked to be region free. Which is rather nice, since flashing the drive sometimes results in a dead drive. I only have region 1 or region 2 DVDs, but it has played both NTSC and PAL. This pleases me greatly, and makes me all the more determined to proceed with my plan to pick up Blake's 7 on DVD when I am over in England.
My Widdle Bwain

The Table Is Crawling...

Ah. Looks like the ladybugs are awake. Was most disturbed to note lots of creepy-crawlies on the table. Am glad that they are nice creepy-crawlies.

Rats. I knew a round of the Formula Drift calendar came to the Bay Area, but I wasn't sure when or where. It's at Infineon, July 8. Naturally it's on a weekend that I have plans, plans, and more plans. Oh well.

Had something else to say, can't remember it. Must get going since I want to take off from work early to go catch Tempest in the park in Palo Alto.
My Widdle Bwain

From FF3 Reviews

(That's Fast and the Furious 3, not Final Fantasy 3.)

"I felt as if Knightrider was invading the OC."

This comment makes me nostalgic for the time that llamabitchyo, rhylar and I were coming up with the plot for a Knight Rider/Initial D crossover fic. It was inspired by a bad IniD fic. I leave the rest to the reader's imagination.

llamabitchyo, you may want to read the review linked to above. It is amusingly snarky, and features wonderful comments like (after commenting that the movie was written by three monkeys) "The monkeys must have been on holiday that day and the hippos did the job."

I have no idea if any of these comments were merited, since I don't see the film until Sunday. I expect entertainment. Not sure what kind, but I figure a film like this can't help but be entertaining. (Though I have a bad feeling that most of the entertainment that the folks going with me will derive will come from watching me twitch violently at a wide variety of highly improbable things.)

Oh, and sakon76, if you want, once it comes out on DVD we can arrange to sit down and watch it together. I promise to reserve some twitching for later, so you can watch.