January 20th, 2006

My Widdle Bwain

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So I finished the last task on my current project at work. Actually, I finished it Tuesday. When was it scheduled to be done? Next Tuesday. As in, I got it finished an entire five days early. Go me. I would have had it done six days early, only the server was down.

Has Evil Frau given me any kudos for getting finished ahead of schedule? Bah. Yes, I'm bitter.

I'm also a little bitter about all the nights and weekends of overtime. Five days early means there were five days' worth of stressful nights and weekends work that I didn't have to do.

On the philosophical side, this demonstrates something that I'm trying to work on in my life: don't bother panicing early. Life is uncertain, and the future rarely goes according to plan. Sure, things may happen for the worst. But it's equally possible that they might happen for the best.