August 24th, 2005

My Widdle Bwain

I Can Still Walk!

I did iai today for the first time in... uh, I would need to take my shoes off to count that high. The best part about it?

I can still walk!!!

The foot doesn't hurt at all. The ankle feels a little stressed, but I think it's the sort of thing that will work itself out by morning.

I am really, really pleased, given that I have been completely unable to do iai for over a year now, thanks to my foot hurting so badly I could barely walk.

Yet another part of my life that is getting back to normal. There is much good here.
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Reading Brain

And He Adopted... Who?

While waiting for some files to copy (since I think getting Rally Finland off my hard drive sometime before Rally Germany starts -- oh, tomorrow! -- is a good idea) I hauled out my Great Book Of Who's Who In Japanese History (aka Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Japan by E. Papinot, or, what I use when I need a quick idea of what the deal is with someone or somewhere in Japan and don't feel like getting into a lot of research. Behold how well that works.)

I've been going through Hakkenden anime recently, since it occured to me that I've never watched it all, in order, end-to-end before. And Hakkenden recently came to mind thanks to Mirage of Blaze since a shine in Tateyama was mentioned in passing, and, in researching more about Tateyama it turns out that Tateyama Castle happens to host a Hakkenden museum since Tateyama was home to the Satomi clan back in the time period that Hakkenden is set. (Isn't it amazing how it all interrelates?)

Anyway, while checking that out, what do I suddenly find but... The 47 Ronin! Whaaa?!

Yes, I know time-wise they aren't terribly related. But... Collapse )

And all that was from something that was supposed to keep me entertained for five minutes while files copied. *sigh*