July 3rd, 2005

My Widdle Bwain

Michael Schumacher Is Not Someone I Wake Up Early For

I'm used to the WRC dreams. I kind of like them, even. But I draw the line at F1 dreams. There are many reasons why I watch F1, but "because I like it" is rarely one of them. Thus I am put out by losing sleep over it.

The dream started well enough. I was in a hotel in Japan trying to get money changed so seshat and I could go shopping. The next thing I know, I'm arriving back in the San Jose airport. I'm on one of those rail transit shuttle things for moving between terminals (of which San Jose has none) and I suddenly realize that Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello are sitting right over there. They are in regular street clothes, but they are still wearing their driving shoes, which is how I recognize them. I ask them if it isn't uncomfortable running around on hard airport floors in driving shoes. They admit that maybe it's a little uncomfortable, but generally isn't that bad.

Then I woke up. It being a quarter of seven on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend, I decided to roll over and go back to sleep. I was quite bitter when I found that I couldn't.

(No, I didn't get up and watch the race sitting on the TiVo. I have a bunch of other things to do today before I sit down to deal with F1 Does Sweet Valley High. And no matter how the race itself goes, this one is going to be oh-so with the petty, high school level drama.)
My Widdle Bwain

Where I Get It From

We had the much-dreaded Long Car Ride To Go To Mom's Family Gathering yesterday. If you recall the last Long Car Ride To Go To Mom's Family Gathering had me just about ready to slit my wrists before we were even halfway there. I was secretly hoping that my father would decide that he had done his Family Duty earlier in the week and would skip the trip.

Fortunately, it turned out fine. Going to a family reunion rather than a funeral probably helped. And Dad was actually reasonable. I think Mom's always mentioning that if he will be grumpy the whole trip then please don't come is maybe sinking in that sometimes he's not so much fun to travel with.

For some reason on the trip back my mother and I started discussing Mercedes Lackey. Mom has never read any Lackey, and was asking about it. The following conversation ensued:

Me: She's not a very good writer.

Mom: How so?

Me: Her grammar's pretty bad for a professional author. And she over uses italics and semicolons. I once took one of her books and counted the number of pages that had no italics on them. (Four, for a book of around 350 pages.) I also took one of her books and counted all the semicolons. She averaged 2 1/2 semicolons per page, with the highest number of semicolons on one page being 8.

Dad: There sure are a lot of bikers going the other way. (*)

Me: (half joking) What, you haven't been counting them?

Dad: 252... 253... 255, 257...

Me: *just about falls over laughing*

Yup, I know where I inhertied my anal retentiveness from.

* This weekend happens to be a huge annual biker convention in Hollister. The route we took connected to one of the highways leading to Hollister. Hence, lots and lots of hogs.
My Widdle Bwain

Silly Comment

*watches F1 coverage.*

*winces at someone making kissy-lips at the camera*

"Oh, come on! That's not kissing the camera. I know what kissing the camera looks like! ... Did I just really say that?"
Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle: AKA The History Weenie Strikes Again

A random note that I came across while researching the vengeful spirit of a teapot: Matsumoto Castle as it appears today wasn't built until 1597, some 24 years after Takeda Shingen had been killed. So I am dubious that, in MoB, when Sanjou-no-kata makes a comment about "that's our Fukashi Castle" she should have recognized that was where Fukashi-jou once was. This probably also explains the ghost-of-Shingen's comment about wiping away the castles "wrong history". (A comment which I've always found really odd, since as far as history goes, Matsumoto Castle is pretty light on it. This probably contributed heavily to it being the oldest extant original construction Japanese Castle. Lots of history in Japan frequently becomes lots of destruction, and lots of lost or reconstructed castles.)

Matsumoto Castle, by the way, was only a Takeda possession for about 20-odd years. It was originally built by the Ogasawara in 1505. They held it until the Takeda took it in 1549. After the Takeda got their butts kicked (Shingen's son and heir Katsuyori was nowhere near as brilliant a general as his father; in fact, he was relatively inept) the castle went to a variety of different owners.

Randomly, while researching when Sanjou-no-kata died (1570, or some three years before Shingen), I noticed that her and Shingen's eldest daughter married Hojo Ujimasa. Ujimasa is Saburou Kagetora's eldest brother -- you know, the one who, in MoB, thought that sticking his little brother's soul into a tree was a good idea? Yeah, him. Sengoku Japan quickly becomes a very, very small world.