June 25th, 2005

Matsumoto Castle

Just In Case You Had Forgotten...

Yes, I am a total geek.

I just spent an hour determining the exact route one would take driving from Matsumoto to Sendai, so I could compare price and travel time versus taking the train.

Then I realized that one of the roads I was planning on putting on the route is still under construction as of when my map was published (in 2002.) Then a horrible thought occured to me: the reason for plotting all of this was to determine how silly a character in Mirage of Blaze was being for driving rather than taking the train (and renting a car, if necessary, when he and his friend arrive in Sendai.) Which in turn reminded me that MoB is, relatively speaking, somewhat old. Given that, a section of the rail line that, now, I would take (have taken?) did not exist until 2002, as it was built for the Nagano Olympics. Ooops. Must completely re-do the entire route for both car and train. Bother.

And yes, I will re-plot the whole route again later. After I've had some sleep and will be conscious enough to do the research to determine when the Joushin'etsu Expressway and the Usui Bypass were put in.