May 18th, 2005

My Widdle Bwain


Reposting this article for those who don't read roseembolism's LJ. Folks who like driving should particularly read it.

*notes that Subaru has offered the lady in the article a conditional sponsorship* For this, I shall try not to shout "go Mitsu!" quite so loudly in Turkey. Even if you are going to have a car retire due to bodywork-induced self-asphixiation. (Actually, I'm rooting for Peugeot to win the Manu's title this year -- don't ask me why -- so I'm not sure why I've suddenly decided to root for Mitsubishi. I'm just perverse that way.)
My Widdle Bwain

Because I Like Sharing...

After a long drought, there is a new chapter of Dark Horizons.

Yes, I know you have all been waiting all year for this. Really.

I must confess to being somewhat disappointed in this chapter. I think the author is slipping. This chapter is lacking in the charming details of the automotive and racing world that have always brightened previous chapters. And, frankly, it bored me so much that I couldn't concentrate enough to be amused by the typical bad grammar. This chapter was, in a nutshell, completely indifferentiatable from your average sucky fanfic written by a high schooler.

What is the world coming to when even the good bad fanfic writers turn just plain bad? Where am I to derive my entertainment from? It is a cold, cruel fanfic world out there.

(I'm telling you, Mexico next year, I'm bringing this along for the car trips. It will amuse me greatly to see how the decision goes between riding with Dark Horizons, or bailing for Ezra's STi. :D)
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