January 24th, 2005

My Widdle Bwain


Was there a new Stargate on this past week? I have a new Atlantis on the Tivo, but no Stargate. Unfortunately, the Tivo was full enough that I can't tell if there just wasn't anything, or if it got deleted before I could check.
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Letter I Want To Send To PG&E

When I moved, I called PG&E to set up service at the new place and told them to send the bills there. They missed that detail. I thought I had set up the account to bill directly to the credit card, and so I didn't really notice for a couple of months that I wasn't receiving bills from them.

Then come November we turned on the heater. I was curious how much the heating bills would be at the new place, and so I went looking in December for the bill.

I found no bill.

I figured that maybe they weren't sending me bills, since it was going to the credit card. So I scoured my next credit card statement for the PG&E charge.

I found no charge.

Now that all struck me as odd. The gas is still working, and yet I appear not to be paying anything for it. This is strange and unnatural. It's also a good sign that the gas is probably going to stop functioning -- quite possibly soon -- and I will be stuck with a cold shower in the morning. Brr.

Fearing this possibility, I started checking into things. As far as I can tell, my billing address is listed wrong. I've tried contacting a real person, but they aren't answering the phone. You have to use their callback system. Well, that system won't let me put in a phone number with an extention. My home phone doesn't have an extention -- but I'm not at that number. I'm at work. Which has an extention. So far, not useful.

(I could use my cell phone, but I'm over my daytime minutes for the month, and I need to save the expense of talking during the day for job hunting calls, since, well, I really need a new job. If for no other reason than to pay all the late fees on all the services that I keep not paying on time because the bills keep getting directed to an address I don't live at.)

I did e-mail PG&E, and actually *gasp* got a response. Using that, I've tried paying my bill. I have had, shall we say, absolutely no success. Collapse )

So... What does everyone think -- should I send it?
My Widdle Bwain


After giving it some thought, I decided that lurking demurely in a corner didn't get me Tommi Makinen's autograph, and by the same measure there is no reason to think that lurking demurely in Customer Service's inbox is going to get my bill paid any faster. Therefore, I did, in fact, send the e-mail from this post.

I worked in a customer service position long enough to realize how much we enjoyed the rare, strange customer request. Therefore, I may not be the most annoying customer they deal with today, but I might manage to be the strangest. And I'm hoping to get "help me Obi-Customer-Support-Kenobi" to become a catch-phrase repeated regularly with much mocking laughter in the customer support offices of PG&E. Just 'cause I'm that kind of person.

I will follow-up with what kind of response I get.
My Widdle Bwain

Memorable Quotables

Dinner last night was quite silly. Here are a couple of memorable quotes:

Me: Are you threatening to pelt me with olives if I don't tell you?

taeriel: No, I'm threating to not pelt you with olives if you don't tell us.

Me: I'm the entire Jedi Council. I don't know why. My friends seem to think I'm schizophrenic. And, apparently, a bunch of dorks.

taeriel You can be the modern Jedi Council.

Me: They're not dorks?

Taeriel: Well, I didn't say that. But at least they're not dead."
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