January 10th, 2005

Angry Brain


High on the list of "I don't think so":

"Termination Date shall mean the date of your termination of employment with [insert name of fuckwits here], which date shall be the earliest to occur of: [delete bunch of impossible to understand legal gobblede-gook] v) the date of your resignation of employment, in which case your employment shall terminate on the date specified in your written notice to [fuckwits] (provided that such date shall be at least 30 days after the date of such notice.)

Hello?? Common practice is that people give 2 weeks notice for jobs. I am certainly not giving these brainfully-impaired individuals more time to delay me from my much-deserved better job. At this point I'm debating the relative merits of even giving them that much notice, since they have demonstrated that they are not returning the courtesy.

I'm debating the relative merits of not signing this paperwork and seeing what happens, versus talking to the HR guy and whining that their policy is completely unfair and I will not sign this document unless the written notice period is reduced to two weeks. I am NOT going to ask a potential employer to wait a month for my services. That is completely not reasonable.

Edit: They also specify that all communications must be delivered in writing, with the address listed for me being the office that I do not work in. *sigh* Twits.
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I'm Okay

*deep breath*

Okay, mostly calmed down again. I realized that having the threat of yet more handcuffs just completely sent me over the edge. I want to get out of here. They are not kicking me out. This is very much a mutual seperation. I just wish they would be a tad bit less clingy as we enjoy our last few squabbles together.

And as a friend of mine pointed out, California is an at-will state. If I want to give them my 30-second notice, the state says that's totally cool. I admit, after encountering such unprofessional bullying (I mean, really? 30 days!? Two weeks' notice is standard!) I am leaning more toward the shorter rather than the longer notice.

Now back to un-harshing my mellow. Poor mellow. There, there. It's all okay. Okay? Okay.

(Oddly, I notice that the music that my radio station has been playing is tending more toward songs that to me remind me of better things to come than is the norm. I am most appreciative of this.)
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