December 24th, 2004

Angry Brain

Merry F'ing Christmas

My phone has been disconnected for not paying a bill that I never received. Isn't that nice? As far as I can tell the phone company joined into the whole "let's send mail to a bill that I no longer live at, which, despite my putting in a forward with the post awful, does not get forwarded to me." Oh yeah, and the office that I need to contact to be able to get this sorted out is closed for the holidays. Isn't that sweet of them?

I think I'm going to need to make weekly runs to Dorado Terrace, just to pick up all the mail that isn't getting forwarded which is screwing my life over.

(In unrelated news, the money from the check that went to the address that I no longer live at which isn't getting forwarded despite my putting in a forward with the miserable post awful finally got cleared by the bank. So at least I can pay my credit card statement and my mortgage this month. I am, however, quite probably screwed on the taxes that I needed to pay on the money that check was giving me which I could not pay because the damn check did not show up because the brockerage is populated by a bunch of untrained monkies.)
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Happy Brain

The, Like The Wavees Of The Ocean, The Ducks Retreat

Like cadhla, I have been being nibbled to death by ducks recently. And then, today, like a Christmas miracle, suddenly something good happened.

Last night I got mail saying that the photo calendars I ordered for my folks and my aunt missed the FexEx deadline and would not arrive on time. Argh. I figured that I could print out the photos and wrap those as kind of a "coming soon from a family member near you" kind of thing. Of course, that means that I have to find the printer, the printer cable, paper, and ink to print with. I know where the printer is, and I saw the printer paper recently. I think I know where the cable is. Ink, I would have to run out and get. On Christmas Eve. On top of all the other errands I have to run. Lovely.

I was finishing ranting at my housemate (who kindly and patiently listened to all my ranting) when we saw a car drive by slowly. They were obviously looking for something. They went by, and we ignored them -- until they pulled a U-turn on my street.

Now, as frequent readers of this journal probably know, my street is a little weird. There's a creek down the middle, and it's one-way on each side of the creek. This meant that these poor, confused folks were driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

Being good citizens, we hailed them and told them they were going the wrong way. They thanked us and said "do you know where [insert my street address] is?" I was puzzled, since I didn't know them. But I told them that was my address.

They told me they had a package for me, from the place that did my calendars. They decided to deliver it themselves, since the package had missed the FedEx deadline.


It's almost unreal. But I have my calendars for my relatives, ready to be wrapped in time for Christmas.

All of a sudden, I have one fewer ducks. And one small proof that maybe, just maybe, the world doesn't suck as much as it seems.
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My Widdle Bwain

Strange Quote

Not something you hear every day in a review of military machinary:

"What better way to make the enemy surrender than an impeccable display of hand brake turns?"

I love Fifth Gear.