November 14th, 2004

My Widdle Bwain

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Headin' out to Nikko to get an autograph from a temple that I've blazed by several times before. It's at the top of Iroha. Oh well. Let's see how the new camera handles shooting from a moving bus.

I'm totally in love with the new camera and lens. I haven't done anything with the nifty telephoto, the 17-85 is just that cool. I've always figured that the telephoto will be a lot more for rallying/autocross shooting anyway.

Once we get to Kyoto I'm going to be posting The Chibi Black Death Does Japan pictures.

I have no brain. I have cool loot. And lots of WRC videos which I can't watch right now. *sobs*

Must run. Have a train to catch.
My Widdle Bwain

Sharing The Pain

I've decided that I like looking through doujinshi because I like breaking my brain.

Take this one, for example: The front cover had Wataru on it.

The back had Kenta.


Given that if there is only one (male) character on the front and one (male) character on the back they are almost guaranteed to end up in bed together...

In other news, Shigeno doesn't know what he's talking about. Nikko is the land of the Skyline. Hardly an Evo in sight, but there are vast hordes of Skylines roaming the town and hillsides.

Four temples down on the thirty-three Kanon Bando pilgrimage. I'm hoping to hit one more before the trip is over.

The new camera totally rocks. And the new lens is totally awesome.

We're relocating to Kyoto tomorrow. I'm hoping to use the train ride down to sort through photos, with intent to post the Chibi Black Death Does Japan pics on ... Tuesday? The day after tomorrow, whenever that may be.
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