October 18th, 2004

Angry Brain

How To Keep Employees From Taking Vacation

As far as I can tell, no one in my company is currently approved to authorize vacation requests. I'm currently debating whether to say bugger them all with a pestilence-ridden spiked flag pole, I'm going to take advantage of a free trip to Japan or if I'm going to play it safe and not take a vacation. (I must say that at the moment that all flag poles should start feeling nervous, 'cause I'm about ready to stick something unpleasant somewhere, regardless of whether I go on a trip or not!)

I must say that not having anyone who can approve vacations is a pretty snazzy way to make sure that people don't take vacations. *reaches for the flag pole*
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Happy Brain


After some dragging around in the garage I have found: a box that I strongly suspect contains a missing $200 check, my cookbooks, some various missing jewlery, a chunk of missing books, my comic books, and what I believe is the rest of the missing manga -- including the Yakumo Tatsu I've been looking for nearly two months for. Go me!

I also fired up the Piggytop for the first time since it was resurrected, got it running on the wi-fi, and pulled my resume off of it. I haven't gotten it talking to the other computers on the house (so I can pull a backup of all the important junk that was on there that didn't get backed up), and the resume isn't in a state to send off to people. But getting the Piggytop functional and (almost) communicating was an important first step.
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