September 11th, 2004

My Widdle Bwain


Yay to rightsock for drooling over the Canon 10D, a camera which -- before this morning -- I used to covet horribly. But after seeing responses to his post, I now want this camera instead. 23 continuous shots. *drool* 8.5 mp. *lustlustlust* Uses the nifty lenses that the model down from the 10D uses (but the 10D itself doesn't.) And about the same price as the 10D. I've already allocated part of the Golden Handcuffs to go toward purchasing the 10D, so... Oooh, baby, you will be MINE!!! *rubs hands greedily*

*sings (badly, off-key, vaguely to the tune of "Tommorrow" from Annie)*

November! November! I'll bite you, November. You're only 29 stupid working days a-waaaay!

*ahem* Thank you ladies and gentlemen. The CD will not be available for purchase. *bows*

In semi-related news, this week has been one where I've been seriously earning the Golden Handcuffs. And I've discovered that apparently you can "run" Windows 2000 on a PII with 64 MB of RAM. Do not think too hard about how I found this out. Though perhaps the news that I had to deal with a PII with 64 MB of RAM "running" Win2K can go a ways to explaining why this post is mentally unbalanced in its non-existent mind.

Oh yeah. And next time we submit to AWA? I will not be moving. And I will absolutely not put off watching the vids until the last minute. No more watching 40 potentially awful AMVs in the span of less than 24 hours. Now if y'all will excuse me, I need to catch a shower and go finish watching the last 20 potentially awful AMVs. Oh yeah, and find where I put the second disk.

(The shower is completely necessary after that last video I watched. Ick. And I still have that giant penis vid to go. *shudder* Since when did any guy in anime have a giant penis? I thought most of them were emasculated little mamma's boys with itty-bitty dingles that they don't know what to do with, like Shinji?)
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