August 27th, 2004

My Widdle Bwain


Time it took to go from bouncy-happy driving in to work to being feral, rip-shread-claw grumpy: 10 minutes.

*sigh* They are, in fact, paying me enough to put up with this. But only for the next two months or so.
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My Widdle Bwain

Important Cleaning Tips

Just because something can come off doesn't mean it's supposed to come off.

So, taeriel, remember that stuff that we couldn't figure out if it was crud or really old rubber/weatherstripping? Turns out that it is rubber or weatherstripping. Oopsie...

*goes to hide the evidence*
My Widdle Bwain

Conversations With Coworkers

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All of that makes me actually like some of my coworkers. What an odd sensation. Heck, it almost makes the job sound bearable.

However... Collapse )

That incident really hit me on why I need to get out of this job. It's worn me down to the point where I readily compromise my standards and morals just because it's too much hassle to try and stick to them. I'm beyond tired of the way I have to break my personality in order to continue functioning at this job.