March 8th, 2004

My Widdle Bwain

Internet's Out

My DSL at home has been down since Friday morning. I called Earthlink once, they were relative dorks. (Actually, they were annoying enough that in a fit of passive-agressivity I started doing all sorts of little tricks that I know annoy tech reps. I really shouldn't have. But after the third time that I had to repeat the last thing I said since apparently the tech rep couldn't be bothered to listen to my answer when he asked me a question, I started getting, er, feisty.)

Anyone looking for llamabitchyo, she's stuck with no Internet as well. Hopefully they will resolve this today.

Scooby vs. Ferrari

*dies laughing*

I particularly liked the comment "Well you know, Ferrari arent all about going fast. I mean you could of told him all about Ferraris racing heritage. Im sure he wouldnt of felt as good for beating you after that!
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