March 5th, 2004

My Widdle Bwain

Gummy Wars

*shakes the gummy bottle hard*

*one gummy comes loose*

Me: There's always one in every crowd.

Gummy: This resisting is futile! We're not getting anywhere, and we're slowly being desimated. (Not to mention getting dizzy and battered from being shaken and spun.) I'm not doing this resistance thing any more. I'm going to cooperate, try to strike a bargain.

Me: *eats the idealistic gummy*
Me: Maybe that was a tactical error. Maybe I should have set that one free as an example to try and lure others into collaborating...

*sticks finger into the jar and pries loose a gummy.* *pries out two more than won't come unstuck from each other*

Me: C'mon, I only need one more of you. The other one can have a reprieve until Monday.

Stuck together gummies: No! You cannot seperate us! If we must die, we will die together!

Me: Ok. *takes first gummy and tosses it back into the jar*
Me: You get a reprieve for now.

Freed gummy: Yipee!! Hooray for the weekend. Now to figure out how to get to the bottom of the pack...

Stuck together gummy 1: Farewell, my love. At least we die together.

Stuck together gummy 2: Yes, we will be together to the very end. I could never stand to be parted from you!

Me: Ugh, enough with the sap! You're going to turn my stomach. *simultaneously bites the heads off of the gummy couple with great glee*
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