February 12th, 2004

My Widdle Bwain


This article on the impact of how the ban on American beef in Japan is effecting beefbowl places fascinated me. It's just an intriguing look into a particular subculture fascit in Japan. It also makes me a little glad I'm not there right now, since I like Yoshinoya, and try to hit it at least once whenever I'm in Japan (even despite how fatty their beef is.)

One of the guys at work pulled up in a shiny 350Z. This would be of only moderate note, except that he usually drives a WRX wagon. And sometimes he drives an older Civic. I want to know where he gets all these cars from! I'm debating whether I should, like, ask him or sometime.

Would blog more, but I'm too tired. I spent one of the longest amounts of time at home while conscious in a long time last night -- which was just long enough to watch last week's Stargate episode. I was disturbed to note that Smallville was recording, but I haven't watched last week's episode yet. *wince* Need to either get more free time, or a bigger hard drive for the TiVo!

In unrelated news, I finally have a new car battery, and the coolant has been flushed. Both of which I did m'self. Saturday I'm planning on changing the oil. At least some of the tired is a good tired.

Monday I go talk to someone about borrowing... well, enough money to buy one of Petter's used cars, let's just say that. >.< Hopefully what I do with the money will cost less to maintain.