November 18th, 2003

Happy Brain

Um... Le'Wow?

I finally got around to checking out my times from the last autocross (run a little over two weeks ago -- *sweatdrop*)

I set top time for my group.
I actually managed to get a better time than someone in G Stock (barely.)
I ended up 177 out of 232 on the PAX.

Um, le'wow?

I thought my official performances had kind of sucked. (The fun runs were better -- but then, they always are.) This was on a slightly modified version of one of the courses they used at Nationals this year. I didn't write anything up on it since I didn't have time before leaving for Wales, and now I can't even remember much about the event. Ah well.
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My Widdle Bwain

Seething Pit Of Envy

According to Petter and Phil are currently in Japan! *seethe* *seethe* *envyenvyENVY*

(It only slightly helps that I know he'd probably prefer to celebrate his birthday at home. Slightly.)
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