October 24th, 2003

Angry Brain

Must Control Fist Of DEATH

*stabstabstabs* stupid project manager who keeps asking me to estimate how long it will take me to do projects that have no f^@&ing spec.

*stabstabSTABS* stupid project manager who does not actually read a spec when it comes in, and so does not realize that said "spec" just contains a list of people to be involved with the project and a list of required signatures -- none of which involve me.

*stabSTABSTABS the bloody project manager who has not yet realized that the spec that is all signatures vaguely describes a project that DOES NOT EVEN TOUCH ANY PROGRAMS THAT I AM RESPONSBILE FOR.

I'm going to leave the building now, before I murder Fluffy in a gorey, messy, and unpleasant manner. I do not wish to do this, since really, I'd rather be in Wales than jail. And then when I come back from my happy place, then I will send of snidely worded e-mail requesting that perhaps this time he can actually obtain a specification that, well, SPECIFIES something to be done, rather than a document that just lists getting a bunch of signatures of people who live and work in England.

Pity my boss. The Sandpanther is not amused, and feels like sharing the pain.
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