October 17th, 2003

Angry Brain


Came in to work early so I would not have to miss the end of day driver interviews. Now nothing will load. &*%^@!

Should have stayed in bed.
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Whee Car


I've been sitting here thinking, I am soooo tired. And then something occurred to me:

At least I'm not one of Petter's mechanics, who not only had to stay up all night fixing his car (I heard they got done at about 6 AM!), but then had to turn around and be as sharp and on the ball as ever only a few hours later to be able to change Petter's transmission when he came back into Service.

My hat is so off to those guys. I wish I could Fed-Ex them some coffee or chocolates or something. Petter so owes them a major round at the pub when the rally is over!
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