September 25th, 2003

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Wales Stages - Legs 2 and 3

I think I'm going to be completely useless today... My subconscious is bitter about not having a rally next week (hello? Subconscious, did you catch that JAPAN part?), and decided to torment me with a dream about going to lunch with Richard Burns. So, in an attempt to appease the unhappy subconscious, I'll take up where I left off on gathering data on the Wales stages. This is like the last one, but for Day 2.

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The two stages above are relatively close together. They are also the farthest out of all the stages.

The next set of stages move down south of Swansea. They are accessed off of the A465 or the M4, both of which are major, fast roads. (They are also speed trap areas!)

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The last stage on Leg 2 is Resolfen 2. Resolfen was discussed in the previous entry.

Leg 3 has either 3 or 4 stages, depending on whether the Margam Forest and Margam Park stages are combined or not. The only other stage is re-run, making for only one new stage description for the last day.

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BTW, lucifie and mizutamari, do you have hiking boots or high-top walking shoes? I haven't really been noting it down, but several of the stages have notes saying that good walking boots are required.

Also, I'm now monitoring this thread on Scooby Net, as it seems to have a lot of folks who have attended the rally before and are happy to share tips. (It's also a great thread to read to get the bouncy excitement going!)

(The brain is gone... I just tried to type the name of the main program that I maintain - WCS - and ended up typing "WRC" instead.)
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My Widdle Bwain


Can anyone tell me what "post-congenital bliss" is?

(This lovely gem taken from yet another stupid fanfic in which the author is using words they do not know the meaning of.)
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