September 23rd, 2003

My Widdle Bwain


I'd like to leave a note on the downstairs neighbor's door asking them to please refrain from loud belching after 10 PM on weeknights. A loud belch is really not the way to wake up late at night.
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Um, huh?

This seemed like a really weird article to suddenly publish. Was I dreaming all those rule changes? (Which, on the one hand I wish I did, and on the other wish that I didn't, since the rule changes are what prompted the decision to go catch the RAC this year.)
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Whee Car

Sometimes A Freak Is Less Of A Freak

I've been so busy thinking about Wales and Japan that I forgot that we are now about ten days out from San Remo!

It is running a few weeks later this year, and it looks like weather is likely to be a factor. The weather forecast doesn't cover the start of the rally yet, but the prediction for shakedown is for showers. This may help favor the one Pirelli-shod team...
My Widdle Bwain

How Does One Become The God of Street Racing?

A funny conversation ensued in the household while I was reading this fic:

From the fic: "... Then the two [Bunta and Takumi] became street racing gods."

Rhylar: How does one become a street racing god? I didn't know there were many worshipers for that sort of thing. So the tofu shop is a shrine to street racing?

Me: What kind of offerings do you bring to a shrine to street racing? Dead tires?

Rhylar: Tofu, of course!

Me: No, that's what you bring to an Inari shrine.

Rhylar: Maybe Takumi is a servant of Inari?

Me: No, he's the god of street racing, not the god of rice.

Iwaki: Here, bunny, bunny, bunnies. (No, she isn't making a lot of sense today. Her brain has been eaten by a video game.)

Rhylar: Don't you have to be dead to become a god?

Me: Oh, Takumi is dead in this fic. He's the Ghost Of Akina!!
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