September 17th, 2003

Whee Car

Not A Surprise...

Hyundai to pull out. You know, given all the bruhaha with the rules situation, they might have the brightest idea yet, pulling out for a few years until things settle down a little more.

So the rumors I had been hearing about Hyundai were true. *crosses fingers that the rumors about Ford are not equally true*

Of course, with the rule all wonky like they are, you knew everything wasn't settled yet.
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Whee Car


Does anyone remember something about how this year's Wales Rally is supposed to be broadcast live? I seem to remember hearing something about it being a test run for live broadcasts in the future. At the time I read it, I ignored it completely, since I figured there was no way we would get anything like that here in the States. But now... Hmm.

So does anyone know if I was hallucinating that?
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