September 15th, 2003

My Widdle Bwain

Bloody Trees

The trees next to the parking area by my house are not as dead as I thought they were, based off of their initial dismemberment. Happily, they are starting to have little leaf shoots pop up here and there.

Unhappily, one of them dripped tree blood all over my car. I would have thought that a few weeks would be long enough that they would have stopped oozing. But no. I've got sap all down the driver's side window. It's also a disquieting shade of red-brown which does look a lot like dried blood.

I need some Goo-Be-Gone. Lots and lots of Goo-Be-Gone. Grr.
My Widdle Bwain

Why Can't I Find The Sandpanther?

Warning: I leave the country in two weeks and two days.

For those who want to try and contact me for the next two months, my schedule is Collapse )

Folks going to Yaoicon!
Please note that I will return from Japan the Monday before the con. This means that any planning involving me that needs to be done in the next two and one-half weeks, or must wait until three days before the con (with the caveat that I will be jetlagged in the days leading up to the con!)

Also please note that I will not be taking any time off work for the con. So folks planning on staying at my place please either plan on arriving after 5PM on Friday, or make other arrangements with my roommate.
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