September 7th, 2003

Whee Car

What A Way To Wake Up

The rally-induced time distortion has set in... I woke up this morning because I realized that it was light outside. My first thought was, oh shoot, I forgot to set my alarm. How late for work am I? I roll over and check the clock. While I was trying to do the math to figure out just how late to work I am, I realize that, oh, it's Sunday. Gah.

Probably just as well that I woke up... I was having a weird dream that involved Initial D, Knight Rider, and swimming. Fortunately, I can't remember much more of it than that.

~What a beautiful da-ay-ay, what a beautiful day/ Nothing is impossible in my all-powerful mind~

(It's stuck in my head. So I thought I'd share. And give my roomie song lyrics to really grumble about.)

No rally for me for six weeks. >.< I'm going to be in Japan during San Remo. *SNIFF* I'm thinking of picking up a wireless card for my laptop, since supposedly McDonalds in Japan have wireless Internet service. Tsukimi burger, here I come!

Corsica will be fascinating. Jet lag + con/friends over + rally = a very good thing that we won't be driving to the con. (There's not parking in that part of town, so we should just take public transit.)

Eh, I feel like rambling about some stuff from the rally. Warning, there be spoilers Collapse )
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    ~ What a beautiful da-ay-ay, what a beautiful day~