May 14th, 2003

My Widdle Bwain

Note To Self (And Other Interested Parties)

Note to self: Rim of the World coverage is next Thursday, 5/22 at 7:30 PM. Must remember to set the TiVo.

(I'm glad I checked, since I thought it was the following week. That was almost worth having the really hideous thought which eventually led to me checking Speed's schedule. Almost.)

On a related note, kyouichi, Argentina coverage is tomorrow (Thursday) night at 4 and 9 PM. I'll keep it on the TiVo until I hear back from you that you caught it, just in case.
My Widdle Bwain

No. Freakin'. Way.

Speaking of things found on Speed's schedule... The dates listed here for Speed's Acropolis coverage have GOT to be wrong. The rally runs 6/4 - 6/8, and that schedule says that Speed will broadcast the rally XS on 6/3 (before the rally starts!), with the full coverage ON 6/8. You know -- like, the day the rally ends. A mere 10-odd hours after the winner finishes the last stage. Am I dreaming, or is this just a typo??

*staresattheWRCschedule, staresatSpeed'sschedule, staresatcalendar*
*staresattheWRCschedule, staresatSpeed'sschedule, staresatcalendar*
*staresattheWRCschedule, staresatSpeed'sschedule, staresatcalendar*

Nope, still hallucinating. All the dates still match up. Whoa.
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My Widdle Bwain

Argentina Thoughts, Part 1

For those fortunate enough not to be on-line at the wrong times (and hence missing being pounced on when I couldn't stand not goobering at someone), Rally
Argentina ran this past weekend. I decided to try an experiment for this round, and followed it live through the wonders of the Internet, and World Rally
Radio. Unable to resist the urge to fangirl, I think I will post my reflections on the experiment. Comments on the rally itself I think I will save until after Thursday, when the US finally gets to see the rally.

What follows will probably be of little interest to anyone besides rally fans, and those who are entertained by me being a fangirl. Which, come to think of it, seems to cover most of my friends, somehow. (I really do not understand why people find it so amusing when I get enthusiastic about something. But hey, if I can entertain my friends, that's a good thing, yes?) At any rate, those who are interested
can read on Collapse )
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