March 2nd, 2003

My Widdle Bwain

Take My Tofu -- Please!

I had intended to skip this week's autocross since a) it's all the way over in Oakland and I was feeling lazy, and b) no, really, I need to go to class. Bad senior student, no passing degree test.

This lovely plan went out the window when, while I was a brunch with a few friends, I realized that I was about to snap my oldest friend in the world's head off because she was teasing me about how sucky the weather is at home. (She live outside the fog belt.) Right, Sandpanther needs to go sit in a corner and chill out, not deal with guilt, obligations, and a sword.

Plan B consisted of trying to find the new anthology that has Miles' wedding in it, then drop by the Oakland autocross event - since I happened to be on the same side of the Bay, thanks to brunch suddenly happening in Berkeley - and see if I needed to be doing anything to prepare for running next time. I failed completely on the first score. But I have yes more Collapse )