February 14th, 2003

My Widdle Bwain


Not quite in the spirit of sakon76's lists, but close:

- TiVo rocks. There is just something so profoundly cool about being able to catch a program from the beginning, even if you didn't start recording until 45 minutes into the program.

- It is extremely hard to concentrate with there is a LOUD conference call taking place in the next cube over.

- Speed TV is very weird on their schedules. I will have to pay a lot more attention in the future.

- New boss is cool. He just handed me a mag with an article on the Evo 8. Rah, new boss!

- Nothing is ever simple and straightforward with my job.
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My Widdle Bwain

The Continuing Rain of Research - Sadamine

Initial H. (I really do not want to know where they got the name from. But some of the pics are interesting. Did you know that there is a helipad visible next to the five hairpin turns?)

Why am I not going to sleep? And why am I researching Sadamine, of all places??

Some familiar looking shots .

Looks like Sadamine is also famous for cherry blossoms.

Fascinatingly, this is not an IniD-related page.

Way too close up on a road. (And no one taking its temperature. Poor, neglected road.)

Some interesting general shots of Sadamine

An IniD photo page I didn't have before.

Okay, I'm talking about adding yumps to the letter "n". I think it's past my bed time.
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