December 16th, 2002

Happy Brain

Guerrilla Christmas Lighting, And The Bogglement Of Small Children

I have vowed for some time that this year I would do something a little more spirited with my cube at work. I figured it would serve two purposes. First, I would have nifty-cool Christmas lights all over the place, which would be spifty. And second, I would boggle my relatively conservative coworkers, who never do anything cool and entertaining like decorate their cubes for the holidays. Other departments decorate. Just not mine.

So I put up happily colored lights in my cube, and I put tastefully small, subtle white lights on a fake silk plant that used to guard the Village Idiot's door, and I sat back with a suppressed feeling of glee and rebellion to wait for the comments.

My boss has his children here today, since their school was closed due to the weather. I think I baffled the kids with the lights. For a while just after I put them up, out of the corner of my eye I would catch them looking at my cube. I find it perversely entertaining.
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