November 25th, 2002

My Widdle Bwain

Arcade Stage

Or, Sandpanther Sets Foot In A Video Game Arcade For The First Time In Years

Saturday, thanks to an urge to get out of the house for at least part of the day, I called a friend, grabbed the roommie, and went to try and track down the Initial D Arcade Stage game which was rumored to exist in an arcade at a miniature golf park. Being shockingly successful at finding the game, we settled in to watch the horde of young asian boys play.

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Leaving the golf place, we were rather surprised to see a panda Trueno (yes, it said "Trueno" on the front) with a black carbon fiber hood. From the front, the effect is... eerie. That particular car was a notchback, so the silhouette from the back was very... off. Still, it makes me wonder which of the group of fanboys playing the game was the owner.

(Oh, Cirdan? You were right -- Takumi's does have the headlights in black as well. Me confusled.)
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My Widdle Bwain

Tokyopoop Ranting

So, my roommie pointed out that Tokyopop seems to be using "Dice" for Daiki's name in their version.

"Dice"?! What kind of a dopey name is Dice!? Who on earth would ever name their kid that? A compulsive gambler? Someone who plays too many RPGs??

Come on, Tokyopop. If you are going to change the names around, why not have the balls to do it and just go all the way. "Dice" doesn't make his name seem any more familiar and normal to me. Why not just call him John, and be done with it? You're changing the original work around, so pussy-footing around coming up with something that sounds close to the original isn't going to alter the fact that this is not the original author's work any more. Making the names sound stupid in English doesn't really change anything. It just makes the work as a whole sound stupid to an English-speaking audience. Why put in effort to make your product sound stupid?

(Though honestly, given how far off from the original their adaptation is, I'm happier if they do change the names. And the farther from the original characters, the better in my opinion. Their "Tak" is nothing like the Takumi I know from the Japanese version. He's some weird impostor who kind of looks like Takumi, but doesn't sound like him at all. So really, I'd prefer to just call him "Charlie" or something, just so that I never confuse the two. That way I don't get stuck thinking "Huh? But Takumi never said... Oh, wait. That's not the Takumi I know. That's some weird person that you know, and I don't want to. Right."

Just to be clear here: My problem with Tokyopop's Initial D isn't the names got changed. It's that they are making up their own story, but are calling it Shigeno Shuuichi's. That's just not cricket.)


And while I'm talking about Tokyopop, I just have to pass along this little tidbit that I picked up: The latest issue of Sport Compact Car reviewed a little video called "Street Fury Blue". The short synopsis of the video was that it had lots of riced-out cars, no in-depth analysis of the cars or mods done on them, but that it prominently featured lots of chicks in bikinis lounging decoratively on the cars. SCC's take was that serious performance enthusiasts might as well not waste their time. But the best part? It's published by Tokyopop. Figures.
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My Widdle Bwain

Optician of Mystery

The Princess and I had been talking about clip-on sunglasses (for those of us who wear perscription glasses.) She has a pair that use magnetic clip-ons, and brought them by so I could take a look at them. They're pretty nifty, really. Easy on, easy off -- they address my major issue with using a clip-on for sunglasses; namely, I have a hard time getting them on, and more importantly, off. (This is not my favorite "feature" when I'm going from bright sun into a small, dark parking garage.)

After I poked at them for a little while, the Princess commented that they're from a Japanese company, and asked if I wanted to take down the company's name. I said sure, so she showed me the case, with the company name embossed on it.


I told her that I didn't need to write it down, since I seriously doubted that there was any way I would forget that name. She was most perplexed. I was most amused.
My Widdle Bwain

Ice Knife

Our refrigerator has a problem. Two, really. But the second one wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the first one. It has a problem where it randomly leaks water all over the place. Sometimes it's fine. Most of the time, it's wet. Anyone know how I can get a refrigerator-sized diaper? Yeah, I didn't think so.

The second problem is that it tends to freeze things. We've tried turning it down, and it keeps things in the refridgerator frozen up until the point where the ice cream in the freezer melts. Then everything is too warm. But turn it up a notch, and *bam*, everything freezes again, including the milk in the refrigerated part.

Because of all this, I end up scraping sheets of ice off of containers before I can get to the food inside. I was playing around with one of these sheets of ice, and something occurred to me. So, you know all those murder mysteries where a body is found, mysteriously stabbed to death, lying in a pool of water and eventually someone figures out that the victim was killed by a knife of ice? Well... I don't buy it. Even just after it's been broken off, ice is just not that sharp, nor that durable. I actually tried to cut or puncture myself (in the interests of science, of course -- I am not A, thankyouverymuch), and was unable to do much more than dent my thumb.

So, yeah. Mighty weapon there, the knife of ice.
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