October 28th, 2002

My Widdle Bwain

It All Depends On Your Perspective

So, after having my poor lil spider freak out several of my friends this weekend, it occurs to me that I probably should clarify what I meant by "lil", before my cute new plushie causes any more of my friends to do the "Eew, eew, freaky, EEW!" dance. That "lil" part in my earlier blog about the "cutest lil plushie spider" really is meant to indicate that the spider is cute, not that it's small. In fact, it's a little over sized for a spider. The body is about the size of a watermelon. If I put the spider on top of my head, the legs hang down to my shoulders. It's currently sitting on top of Pikachu (it's not my fault!), who is just barely big enough to be a reasonable spider-stand. I'm thinking of changing Pikachu's little message in the window to read Pika!, with a subtitle of "Help!"
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My Widdle Bwain


Okay, one week later. I was going to do a nice, coherent write-up on the con, but I didn't get to it earlier. So I think I'll just note down what still sticks in my mind now that time has passed.

Just to warn folks: I am not a yaoi fan. A lot of my friends are. And I like a lot of the same series that yaoi fans like. But I'm generally not big on slashing characters if they aren't portrayed as being openly gay in the manga/anime itself. Keep that in mind when reading my perspective on things.

That said, I do accept that slash happens, and particularly at Yaoicon. So, the stuff under the cut-tag is going to talk about things related to the whole yaoi genre. If you don't like yaoi, or don't know what it is and are easily disturbed by references to homosexuality, you may want to stop reading here.

(Yes, I know that it seems odd that an avowed non-yaoi fan would go to Yaoicon. Last year I went because a lot of friends of mine from out of town came to the con, so I went mainly to hang out with them. This year I went because last year I found out that it is a really nice con to go to, for the programming, for the small-con atmosphere, and because all of the fans are very respectful of each other and each other's kinks. Even if the kink is that they aren't into kinks. Oh, and because more friends of mine from out of town came to the con, since those who went last year reported that it was so cool.)

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