September 25th, 2002

My Widdle Bwain

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What follows is a snarky work rant. If Dilbert doesn't seem funny to you, or you have no interest in reading my snide comments on the size of my coworkers' intelligences (or *ahem* other attributes), you may want to skip it.

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My Widdle Bwain

Other than that how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

So, before I got sidetracked by the adventures of Mr. Ding-dong I was going to blog about the entertaining anime I caught this week. So, without further ado...

Sunday I spent the day hanging out with Jeanne. The plan was to spend the day loafing and watching anime. It more or less worked out that way, though we did get sidetracked off to Kinokuniya to pick up snacks and Jeanne's subscription. While we were there, we got cornered by a scary little anime fan who just kept talking and talking and talking and... He cornered me and started up with "oh, you can read Japanese? Here, translate this--" and he hands me a copy of Love Hina! Ugh. Upon finding out that I listen to one of his favorite J-pop singers, he said "Oh, I can bug you to translate stuff for me!" Um... no. Busy now, thanks.

We finally managed to extricate ourselves from Overenthusiastic Demanding Boy (with me not committing to doing anything for him, and him not having my e-mail address, *phew*). We wandered into the grocery store to pick up snacks. I was highly pleased to see that not only do they have melon soda in stock, but they also have stated stocking CC Lemon again! Bliss!! We grabbed drinks, and some cool, tasty snack that is like an inverted Pocky. It's got a biscuit-type outside filled with a variety of fillings, like chocolate, milk caramel, mocha, etc. I think (as blasphemous as it may be) that I like the stuff even better than Pocky! Now, if only I could remember what it was called... Oh well, I will grab more when I head down to Mitsuwa this weekend.

So, back at Jeanne's we settle in to watch some anime, with a Tasty Stick of Mystery in one hand and a bottle of CC Lemon in the other. Color me one contented Sandpanther. First up, we watch Pretear (I think that's how it's romanized.) What to say about this little gem...? It's a magical girls show, with your standard bevy of cute guys (okay, well, mainly two). And, of course, it has your standard magical girls transformation -- but with one little kink. When the transformation starts, the girl (as always) loses her clothes. Okay, so far so normal. Then the Cute Guy(tm) loses his clothes. *blink* Then the Cute Guy(tm) and our heroine embrace (yes, while still nekkid), and the guy magically turns into her clothes, and "dresses" her. *startled look* And this is aimed at which age group again?? It reminds me of the vibrating Quidditch broomstick toy a friend of mine spotted. (Yes, they make that. I wish I could find the link she was talking about.)

Other than the eye candy and the weird transformation sequences, there isn't a whole lot else to Pretear. I had a lot of fun making snide comments on the cliched plot and dialog. But it looks fluffy enough to be worth watching through all the episodes. And at least the eye candy is pretty nice. Makes me wish there were cels for the series. Say, Maria, weren't we going to make our own sometime?

Next Jeanne took advantage of my relaxed, CC Lemon-laden state to slip some Gravitation by me. I'd seen an episode of the Gravitation OVA before, and had basically written the series off. One of the characters seemed too much of a spaz case for me, and none of it made a lot of sense. Well, that was the OVA series, this was the TV series. The TV series made a lot more sense, and was generally pretty fun. We crashed through several episodes, and by the end of the evening I wandered off with Jeanne's tapes to watch the rest. It's worth a watch, if you're into (or tolerant) of shounen-ai.

Last night I went to see Spirited Away, Miyazaki's latest film. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was in Japanese, with English subtitles. I had thought that the US release was all dubbed. As expected, it was gorgeous, it was fun, and it left a lingering feeling that life might not be so bad after all. Or in other words, it was your standard Miyazaki film, with all that entails. I did notice that he did a change in this one from Mononoke and Ponpoko where he gave it a fairly upbeat end. After two hours of sitting and enjoying the visual richness and atmosphere of the world in Spirited Away it was almost painful to come back to the real world. Ah well. Needless to say, this is an excellent film, and everyone should run out there and see it as soon as possible, just to encourage Disney to keep putting them out. (See? I like to support the domestic rights holders whenever they don't screw up.)
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