September 13th, 2002

My Widdle Bwain

Will the wonders never cease?

Just when I think that IniD list is irreparably lame, someone goes and posts something of interest. Like this little comment:

> Yep, that change happens during the Toudou School
> races, which haven't been animated yet. I wonder if
> Shigeno's Trueno has a carbon hood or no...?

Yes, Shigeno's AE86 also has the carbon fiber hood too.

*beams, and adds info to the unverified, cool rumors stack*

Meanwhile, parking lot wars continue as I come in to find a mini van parked in my spot. *casts annoyed, surly glower at the mini van*

The Chihuahua On a Stick is talking to the the Village Idiot. I wonder if I should take cover before the sparks start flying...?
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