September 6th, 2002

My Widdle Bwain

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Random observation for the morning: blueberry cream cheese is slightly weird on a cheese bagel.

Seraphim has a fascinating rant up on MegaTokyo about the fashion industry and ideals of beauty. If you haven't read it yet, go check it out.

User Friendly recently has been doing a run on coding specifications that has been near and dear to my heart. (Especially considering that the types of specs they are describing in the strip are pretty darn similar to the type of specs I usually get handed. I still remember with much bitterness the day I got handed a box as a spec. That was it, just a box. No other information. People were surprised when I didn't code in all the weird UI details they were imagining. I can't imagine how I missed it, since that darn box so clearly indicated everything that needed to be done for that change. Just the box, ma'am. Just the box.)

Amazon JP is launching a site in English. This could be interesting, though fiscally damaging. Click here for an article on it.
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My Widdle Bwain

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Ways not to start the day: Realizing that while I may have moved all my wet laundry into the dryer, I did not (for some incomprehensible reason) actually start the dryer. So much for clean underwear for today. *drip*

Lord of the Rings meets Photoshop
(Speaking of nerdy, I thought you were supposed to use d10's to make saving rolls, not d20's.)

More weird and wacky place links:

I go looking for a parking lot, and I find picture directions to Usui. Pretty darn familiar looking ones, too.

Part of a topo map of Usui

Virtual Nakasando

These links are probably of no interest to anyone besides me. Just trust me on this one.

Did I just see this picture somewhere?

Well, it's a public parking lot. And a piece of the Nakasando:
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My Widdle Bwain

Racing trains, racing cars

I just told my boss that since his hotel is in Ueno, to get from the airport he should just take the Keisuke Skyliner. Er, Keisei Skyliner, that is. Right. Whatever. They're close. Really.

Gee, and I thought my brain was actually little more focused and a little less obsessive than usual today. Riiiight. The Skyliner comment kind of reminds me of that one IniD doujinshi series I have where they're racing trains.

As a side note, my boss still hasn't actually told me that he's going, or that he won't be here for the next two weeks. He just assumed that I knew somehow.

So, based on today's paycheck, it looks like I have enough vacation time saved up that I could take a week in November and still have enough time for Yaoicon and the April trip.



Okay, this is a first. I have to burn vacation time before April, or I will max out my hours, and start losing time. Lovely. Maybe I will be getting back to Japan sooner than I had thought. Hey Maria, wanna run away for a week? ^_^
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