August 20th, 2002

My Widdle Bwain

Rude awakenings

I awoke from a dream this morning with a distinct sense that I was just about to do something important, but I forgot what. Thinking back through the dream, I remembered that I had been about to eat a tasty-looking piece of pink mochi. Hmm, disappointing to miss, but... Oh. The memory returns.

In the dream, I was eating dinner with some people in a town located near Mt. Haruna. For reasons unexplained I had a car with me, so I thought once I finished up with the dinner I was at, on my way home (or wherever), I might as well pop up the race course on Haruna. Sure, it was at night and I wouldn't be able to take any photos (my roommate still has my digital camera), but at least I could see the road for myself. At least I could drive the road for myself. And I further thought that since I'm already in Japan, and it's not every trip that I have a car, once I finish touring Haruna, I might as well wander around the (undoubtedly deserted) kaidan machi of Ikaho Onsen, then head over to Mt. Akagi as well, since it's so close. Sleep, who needs it?

*sigh* Such a happy dream. Alas, the alarm!

Surprisingly, the rest of the day (once I got over sulking that the alarm woke me up before I could even eat the mochi, much less go touristing) has been remarkably nice. My DSL appears to be back, or at least the annoying blinking light is now solid. I'll have to wait until I get home to test it, but there are encouraging signs. Lou the tech support guy rocks. I stopped by Starbucks on my way to work to get a caramel apple cider, and my favorite person was the one who made it (hers are always the tastiest!) The sun is shining, and it looks like it will actually be a warm day today -- which will be a nice change from the freezing cold that has been going on for the past several days. And I got e-mail from my fine colleague in England that is going to allow me to send out e-mail making Surly Boy look bad yet again. (Yes, I know, it doesn't take much. But at least it's somewhat satisfying, in a small, petty way.)

Oh! And there's a new post from Seiji! *big, happy grin* This day is only getting better and better.

*hums off to send out a subtle slam e-mail, the read some entertaining commentary*
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