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Freaky. Just Freaky.

And yet more rally related weirdness from the Sandpanther. This time it's about robots and good luck charms, and golden Japanese temples.

Way back at last year's Rally Catalunya, I was struck by a fit sleep-deprived, hazy insanity which saw me taking Petter's car of my pair of Impreza Transformer cars and changing it into its robot form. I then handed it a Japanese good luck charm which it held in front of it like a shield. This was done (or so my sleep-fogged brain said) in a bizzare attempt to improve Petter's fortunes on the last day of the rally so that he would still have some hope of winning the Championship.

Flash forward to about a week ago. In the intervening time I had decided to put the robot back into car form again, but last week I decided to once again try transforming it. Now it stands, gun in one hand, shield-charm in the other, ready to do moral battle on Rally Monte Carlo.

Now the charm it has is one I picked up a little while ago. It is supposed to grant success on passing a test. (I figured doing well on a rally was close enough.) I originally bought it as a good luck charm for the next time I have an iaido dan test. Since my sensei recently informed me that he wants me to go to Japan this year to test, I was thinking that sooner or later I'm going to need to take my charm back from the Petterator and get it one of its own. On a whim, I decided that I wanted to get it one from the Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. This is the golden temple that Tommi had his picture taken at, blushing, and holding his golden driving boots. (I should put up some of my pictures of the place, since I don't really like the ones I've been finding on-line. Some nice -- though frustratingly low-quality -- ones can be found here.)

Yesterday I was staring at the Petterator while chatting with my roommate. My eyes suddenly focused on the charm, and I realized that it IS from the Temple of the Golden Pavilion!

I have a feeling that the Petterator gets to get keep its charm, and I will need to go in search of another one for me for the next time I want to pass a test.

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