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Market On The Upswing

I found this to be an interesting article. I was particularly struck by this quote:

"Over 38% of employees surveyed indicate that they will be seeking a new job as soon as the economy improves. Job dissatisfaction and stress are at their highest levels in memory and will be the catalyst for dramatic increases in employee turnover. More people changing jobs means more job openings and more opportunities."

I wonder what the side effect will be on large amounts of employee turnover. It can't be good for the short-term productivity of the company, as experienced workers take a lot of knowledge out the door with them when they leave.

I'm not so much impressed with his powers of observation (since your average month-old corpse could probably notice that I'm pretty burnt out on my job), but rather that he actually seems to care, and is putting in the effort to be helpful and encouraging. I stare at him and think, why bother? Maybe a year or two ago I would have cared. But I've been taken in by the same song and dance enough times that I just can't be bothered to pay attention any more -- even when it looks like this time they might actually be sincere in addressing some of the issues I've brought up. Anyway, even if they do improve some of the stuff directly relating to my job, the evil, nasty politics will continue.

Oh yeah. And I'm stuck with nothing to do again. Not that I don't have projects. Oh no, I've got tons of projects. I just have to wait on other people before I'm allowed to touch those projects. *rolls eyes* So what else is new?

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