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Achieving Apathana

(Apathana, for those who do not know, is a lot like Nirvana, only more apathetic.)

Bossman once again changed the format that we're supposed to report thing in, with no warning, and without telling us that we need to track things on a finer time scale than before. (We had previously tracked in days, but that's not precise enough -- duh! -- so now he wants us to manufacture the hours.) For the briefest flash of a second I was annoyed -- how does he expect us to supply this information if we aren't told to start tracking it!? And then blissful apathana set in. Do I care? Why, no. Ah, life is so much better now!

Must meditate and remenber how I once managed to hammer out cover letters in a matter of minutes. I used to be so good at it. But now -- alas! -- I seem to have lost the way.

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