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A Rare Gem

For anyone who thought The Fast And The Furious was dumb, go read this fic. It has me rolling on the floor laughing. It's been a long time since a fic on had me laughing because the story is funny, not because the story is dumb and the author is ignorant and incompetent. (Not slotted brake shafts here, I promise!)

In an attempt to shake a vile mood, I went wandering through the IniD fics on (Yeah, I know that's an odd form of therapy; what can I say, I'm an odd person.) (And yes, I did intentionally use a superflous semicolon just out of spite so you can stop snickering llamabitchyo! ;) (Ooh, look! Another semicolon! Mwahahahaha!!!)

(For anyone wondering about the semicolon stuff, don't ask. You're happier not knowing.)

Aaaaanyway, on a whim I decided to check out the reviews for the fic I was reading. (It was an obvious Marty Stu where the author clearly has spent too much time playing the IniD video game, and seems to believe that just because the Integra Type R is overbalanced in the game means that it's got to be the hottest car on the road as well.) One of the reviewers wrote the following, which had me laughing:

"BAHAHAHAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HOLY FREAKING SHIT, an ITR beating a Group A 4A11/AG powered Hachiroku?? HAHA! oh made me lets welcome you back to a little place we call automotive racing reality...Its FWD...its a Honda...Life sucks for him yeah? For all its glory, and I mean it, I use to own a Type-R, it wouldnt likely be able to beat Takumi's AE86 on a downhill. Especially not Akina's downhill. And a fourth gear turn? The 'Rs gearing is short, but it aint that short, he would have bogged around 3grand and that woulda been that. Granted FWD on a downhill does a little better than FWD on a circut, more weight is placed on the drive wheels allowing more usage of their, relatively, limited traction. But honestly...but i forgot the Golden Rule of Hondas...THE TYPE-R CAN NEVER LOSE! okay so im being a complete ASS and I do apologize for it. But it just reminds me too much of local boys up here running around screaming Type-R this and Type-R that. I ditched mine for a reason, you want to be competitive in real racing, get a something other than FWD, and while the Type-R handles like no other FWD before or after it, and i totally applaude honda for that (cause i actually like them lol) they just arent the best machine for racing. Its simply the limits of a FWD layout. I probably wouldnt be whining so much if his race had been a little harder, but it just seemed like he walked all over a car that has had the fastest downhill times on any mountain its run on. Either way i'll still end up reading your fic, because there are very very very few good intial D fics out there, and feel free to flame me or hate me all you want for my review."

Yeah, that was about what I wanted to say.

(The fic, BTW, can be found here. Other than being a screaming Marty Stu and reading a bit like an arcade game, it wasn't that painful. That's not exactly a recommendation, just... saying that it doesn't hurt as badly as it might.)
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