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The Fat Is Not Half Full, It's Half Empty

Since it's still so cold here, coworker and I did a Starbuck's run. (Okay, the fact that I'm completely unfocused at work probably helps, but whatever.) I ordered a caramel apple cider. A couple of minutes after I order, they ask me if I want to order something else. (Er, no, thank you. If I'd wanted to order something else...) They're out of cider. Oh.

I pretend to cry for a moment, then ask for a low-fat hot chocolate instead. Still feeling in a silly mood I go over to my coworker and pretend to cry on her shoulder, whimpering that I was "denied." The other patrons are amused. I am relived that my roomates are not around to call me a freak. (Yes, I heard when you read this. I know I'm not there, but I heard it anyway. ;P)

A little bit later the person preparing my drink asks me if I want whipped cream on it. "Sure," I cheerfully respond.

My coworker promptly gives me hassle for it. "What's the point of getting it low fat if you're going to put whipped cream on it?"

"But they have nonfat whipped cream," I explain.

"No they don't," she replies.

"Yes, they do. I'll show you!" I realize that it's not getting through to her. The rest of the patrons are openly laughing at us. (I'm actually rather amused by all this as well.) "Okay, look at it this way: at least there is less fat in it total."

"Not much," the coworker snorted.

"Look, the fat is not half full, it's half empty!" I declare pompously. The other patrons look like they are about to fall on the floor laughing. From the other side of the counter I hear things that sound suspiciously like snorts of laughter. I pretend that it's just the sound of them making my drink.

Hey, I may be a freak, but at least I amused eveyone in line at Starbucks. Not sure where the bad is in that.

I woke up this morning, turned off my second alarm, and rolled over for a few more minutes. Usually I don't have any problem getting up in the mornings, but after a couple of months of waking up in the dark, I seem to have lost the knack of getting up.

A while later I check my watch. "Three more minutes," I think. I roll over and get comfy.

Half an hour later, I realize that it's getting very faintly light in my room. Ooops. >.> That was supposed to be THREE minutes, not THIRTY. Oh well, what's a little factor of ten between friends?

But in that happy extra half hour of sleep I had a pleasant dream where I was at a college dorm room with a strange group of friends (all of whom are on LJ, I realized, but not all of whom know each other.) At first it was night, but we couldn't sleep. Eventually it became light, and I went wandering around and saw a couple of cars that were all badged to participate in an SCCA rally. One of them made a left turn that included a really entertaining slide that made me smile and cheer. Just before I woke up I was pondering a dorm-food breakfast with an odd sense of fondness and nostalgia.

Somehow despite the late start on the day I got up more relaxed than I have been in weeks. It's a rather cool sensation, one which I think I'm going to work on having more often. (One which I don't think I'm going to get without getting rid of my current job!!)

The really nice thing about being relaxed is that I seem to have shed the permanent case of the stupids that I usually have any time I deal with work. It's comforting to know that I'm only suffering from a bad job, rather than permanent brain damage. (I was starting to wonder...)


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