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Your Pod People Are Not From The Same Planet As My Pod People

It's amazing how much a big rig full of cooking oil can mess up the morning commute. Particularly when it happens right at the exit I need to take to get to work. Surface streets would have been a cool idea, except that access in to the area where I work is limited thanks to it being on a little spur of land that is surrounded by the Bay on most sides. The freeway side isn't one of them, but, hm, cooking oil, y'know? After trying a couple of different ways to get in and finding them all blocked, I gave up and went home to get a better picture of where the jams were.

After an hour I decided it was time to take a stab at the roadways again, and was promptly caught in a massive traffic jam while going the wrong direction in order to avoid being caught in a traffic jam. Isn't it nice the way these things work?

While sitting in the traffic jam, my boss calls to tell me that the guy who I have been trying to get in for over a month to do an ergonomic assessment on my desk has arrived, and will I be in soon? *contemplates how far she has come in the past 20 minutes* Um, not likely!

In the end I did get in, got ergonomized, and am much happier for it (though there is still something wrong with my chair, since my back hurts.)

There was other weirdness throughout the day, but mercifully I have managed to mostly surpress the memory of it.

The subject line quote, by the way, came from a conversation that I had with Over-Caffinated Boy this morning. He was wishing that he could not have to face anyone today (and completely ignored my completely logical suggestions of either wearing a bag over his head, or trying the more concealing -- and fashionable! -- sheet.) I then suggested that maybe the Pod People would come and take Cotton Candy away. For reasons that escape my understanding, the conversation soon involved anal probes and gentalia -- things that usually do not come up when I am discussing my Pod People. Hence, the quote.

I'm going back to biting the heads off of vitamin C and echinacea gummy bears now. It is very theraputic -- not to mention tangy!

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