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2003 sucked less than 2002. But it wasn't as good a year as I hoped when I toasted it in the previous January. It was a year of frustrations. It was a year of "it could have been worse" and "well, at least I don't have it as bad as others, so I shouldn't complain."

I think my dissatisfaction with the year is because I'm tired of having to accept "it could have been worse" as a victory. Just because things "aren't that bad" doesn't mean that they are good. After several years of that, I'm beginning to crave an honest success for myself. I miss the satisfaction of having things come together, and seeing hard work recognized and repaid.

Still, 2003 sucked less than 2002. And it could have been worse. There were a lot more good things sprinkled in among the bad.

Well, this year, really, I guess. This year I'm moving back into a mode where I bite off more than I can chew, and am being very agressive in setting fairly hefty goals.

In 2004 I will get a new job. One that I enjoy, with coworkers I respect, who are capable and invested in their jobs, and understand that "teamwork" isn't just a buzzword.

In 2004 I'm going to take the big financial plunge, and buy a house.

I'm going to attend at least one (and hopefully more) rounds of the SCCA ProRally Championship, and start getting more involved in the rallying community.

I'm going to attend as many autocross rounds as possible, and keep focusing on improving. And having fun. Must not forget that part.

That's about all I can think of right now. I guess that's not too daunting a list. It's just got a couple of big, scary items on it.

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