Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Yet More Work Stuff

Someone reported a problem to me yesterday. He annoyed me because he was dishing attitude with every sentence he spoke. I was in a grumpy mood yesterday, so I thought it was me.

This morning I complained about it to The Princess. She told me to report it to this guy's boss. It turns out that they are having problems with him dishing attitude, and are keeping a paper trail on it.

I don't know why I always assume that if it feels like someone is dishing me attitude that I assume it must just be me. I really should have figured out by now that the social skills of my average coworker rank right around those of a shedding snake. (Or maybe of some hyper-advanced quasi-human alien race whose planet probably deserved to be destroyed by a volcano? But I digress...)

In other news, I STILL have not gotten an ergonomic assessment on my desk. Hello? People? It's been a month. And while I appreciate that you are now paying for my chiropractor, and while I am very pleased that going once a week (or more) to the chiro has been helping to the point where I do not spend all my time whining about excruciating neck pain, I think the treatment might be a bit more effective if I didn't go right back into work and undo all the good work the chiropractor is doing.

Oh, and related to that, it sounds like I have to keep going once a week rather than cutting down to once every other week due to some strange Workman's Comp red tape. Mind, Workman's Comp wouldn't even be involved, but I was told that I had to file a claim as the only way to get someone to do the ergonomic assessment on my desk. That would be the assessment that still hasn't taken place. Yeah.

Oh goodie. Something else is broken. I am really looking forward to getting done with Year End stuff. Maybe then the gremlins can calm down and quit partying overtime.

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