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Amusement and Snarkiness

The Princess was starving to death today. Since I couldn't possibly let Her Highness go hungry like some common waif, I had to take her to Starbucks. While waiting in line, we overhear the person ahead of us ordering a quadruple white chocolate mocha. Yes, you read that right, a quadruple. I'm glad I don't work with this man. I do, however, fear that his extremely high-speed vibrations will cause an oscilation in the earth's crust, triggering an earthquake of unknown proportions. That, or I'll think that there's an earthquake going on because he's shaking so hard, and still works a little too close to me.

Ahead of this man in line was a father and his daughter of about ten years old. After I finish placing my order, I go over to the waiting area, where The Princess is laughing with Quadruple Man. It turns out that the little girl seems to have mistaken Quadruple Man's drink for her own, and walked off with it. We are all amused for a time by the thought of what she will be like after finishing that drink off!

Fortunately (for her father), they came back in a minute later, after they realized that they picked up the wrong drink.

Dear Project Manager,

While I think that your zeal in trying to release new changes to Production as soon as possible is commendable, I would recommend that for today, you curtail it. I understand that this change is done and approved for release at any time, but it is unwise in the extreme to release a new change on New Year's Eve, twenty minutes before the people in that facility leave, and in a facility that is eight time zones away. As we all know, New Year's Eve is a sacred time for the gremlins, and if they see that we dare profane their celebrations by doing anything so audacious as using the system -- much less making changes to it! -- then they will visit their wrath upon us. As wrathful gremlins are known to be the leading cause of bad luck going into the New Year, I think it would be best if we hold off on the release until the Gremlin High Holy Days are over, and we may move changes into Production without risking infuriating the gremlins.

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