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I realized that I haven't posted anything other than Norword for a week. Not sure what to say, not a lot of interest has been happening. Been feeling too randomly annoyed and snide to really be terribly social. It's a good thing this is a short week and a long weekend. Though really, coming back to work after that is so unpleasant that I half wish that there wasn't a holiday to taunt me with brief daydreams of freedom. Kind of like regretting the sparkle since everything is so dull once it's gone.

I spent a lot of Christmas Eve doing housecleaning. Not sure why, I just felt the urge. In shuffling and weeding out my books, I came across several of my old childrens books. On a whim, I pulled one of them (Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great) out to re-read. It was... interesting... re-reading it. After a chapter or two, something struck me: The way the main character acts sounds like a lot of the Mary Sues I've read. In fact, she sounds an awful lot like Aki Sue (only with better writing and grammar.) It made me wonder if a lot of the bad fanfic authors out there are a lot younger than I think they are. That, or they don't have a very high reading level. (Though that last part should be obvious, given their horribly use of grammar.)

Speaking of bad fanfictions, I threw a chapter of Grendel's Mum at lucifie, and was hugely entertained by her moans of agony. Perhaps I was overly cruel, since I threw an F1 fan the chapter where Aki Sue goes to an F1 race on a Saturday to buy a Pontiac part for her Mazda. (I was too lazy to hunt down the chapter with the off-roading Ferrari and the amazing, flying FC. Though that is quite the special little classic in and of itself.)

Oh, and for those who are interested, Mercury is in retrograde. I usually ignore astrology, but one of my coworkers observed commented on it. He said that when Mercury is in retrograde communications become confused. Maybe that's why it seems no one is able to get their points across. Or maybe I'm just as work, and no one here knows how to communicate. Stars, or just stupidity? It's hard to say...

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