Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Stargate Episodes

I'm just posting this here so that I know that taeriel and llamabitchyo see it. (llamabitchyo, I don't know if you read taeriel's journal or not...) Anyway, if you are neither of these people, don't bother

So, thanks to a strange Due South/Stargåte crossover, Iwaki started watching Stargåte when I was dumping stuff off to tape. And now our evenings are filled with snake-y goodness. (Not to mention the sound of my mocking laughter as I derive enjoyment from Iwaki's actually watching a TV program. Ha! How the mighty fall to the boob tube!)

The short answer of what this means is 1) Every Stargåte episode airing currently will hit my TiVo and be watched. And 2) Say, Taeriel, you said that you had some on tape or DVD or something...? Seeing stuff in order could be a fascinating new experience.

I think at this point in terms of recording things, well, first it's probably easiest if you could tell me which seasons you already have (and what dates which seaons aired? I get the year the episode aired, but I don't know when Stargåte started, so it doesn't tell me too much.) I can use that to determine if I need to dump a given episode to tape or not. Then, if you an episode coming up that you need a copy of, tell me and I can make sure to dump it. Does that sound like it works?

If I'm reading your schedule right, there aren't any episodes that you don't have airing until Jan. 2?

Hmm... I wonder why I thought it was important for Iwaki to read this...? Perhaps I just couldn't resist the opportunity to taunt her?

(And yes, I have far too much fun putting the little circle over the "a" when typing out Stargåte. I am easily amused.)
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